Thursday, February 2, 2012

You Can Tell the Truth, right?

I'd rather be alone.
I'm lying if I tell you
that I need you in my life.
It's time that you knew
who I really am without you.
The truth is, I dont know
why we came together.
It doesn't matter now,
as long as you are gone.
I'll be falling apart every day
if you stay.
I will show you I'm better than this,
that I just needed a chance.
You saw the truth-
I wasn't good enough.
But you refused to believe
that I didn't need you.
I tried so many times to convince myself
that you are her--the one I want.
It took a while, but now I know
You're gone.

*(now, starting with the last line, read the poem backwards--from bottom to top)