Sunday, September 4, 2011

one for the books, but not really

Sometimes, maybe, the first week of school can possibly be interesting. Mine was. I'll try to summarize it in poetry cuz I'm super cool.

 Fifteen credits because of country dance
and a balded, bearded professor 
who may just teach me how to write

Racing a random girl (t'was her request)
down a flight of JFSB stairs
In flip-flops that sounded applause

Books can sometimes cost a pretty penny
Especially when you're pretty poor
Somehow mine cost me 40 bucks

Despising the fact that I have to shave
While refusing to grow a "mustache"
Because mustaches are creepy

A two-part text message came from a girl
Who I swore I'd never see again.
Gets read over and over and....

Fifteen weeks seems short somehow.