Tuesday, May 24, 2011

memories and gas money

Less than 24 hours notice for a road trip is a good thing, in my opinion. The likelihood of it actually taking place increases exponentially. 3 days in California + 1 day driving between the beach and Orem = 4 days of expensive gas and good times. The company was quality, the rooms were free, the sand was hot, and some guy hammered a nail into his nose and pulled it out with pliers to try and earn tips on Huntington Beach; all key factors to a successful beach trip. The only downside to this whole adventure was that I don't speak Spanish, but that's a story for a different time.

You know a road trip is successful when it makes some memories. I will now always remember that TK Burgers is super tasty and so were the 50 buffalo wings that we ordered at Wings 'n Things. Sunscreen should only be applied after the sunburn is already on your shoulders and beach volleyball should definitely be taken less seriously than it is. Also, a mouth full of salt water tastes much better when you realize that its 48 degrees and raining in Utah. And sometimes a blind guitarist will allow your friend to play his own song on a small stage set up in the Irvine Spectrum Shopping Center. Sometimes that might inspire you to take your own guitar playing a little more seriously, and your ability to see a little less for granted. Oh, and I'll for sure remember that driving 45 minutes out of the way to try and find gas that is 2 cents cheaper is a huge waste of time, but I already knew that.