Thursday, November 4, 2010

those days

Do you ever have those days?

No, no, not the bad ones; everybody has the bad ones. I mean the good ones.

Ya know, those days when something happens that makes you smile harder and more naturally than you have in ages, and you look at your immediate surroundings (briefly, because you don't want to take your eyes off whatever it is that is making you smile so gosh dang hard) just to make sure nothing is out of place or weird and that it can't possibly be a dream, and then you look back at the subject and source of your joy, whatever/whoever it is, and it's all you can do to keep from hugging them (unless you already are) in an effort to forcibly share your joy, thinking that somehow if you held them tight enough they might feel some semblance of your happiness as it emanates from your chest like one of those little pocket warmers that you stick inside your gloves when you go sledding in the winter, and no matter how hard you try (even though you aren't) you can't wipe that incredibly natural feel-good smile off your face, and about every 22 seconds the feeling like you're about to bust up laughing rises in your chest and you have to quell it so that you aren't mistaken for some 'loony-bin' escapee, and as the day wears on the feeling doesn't fade, no, not in the least, in fact, you become nigh oblivious to everything that is wrong and could be wrong with the world, not even noticing the parking ticket pinned under your windshield wiper, or the lady that cut you off while putting on her lipstick, driving clutch, and texting goodness-knows-who at the same time while successfully making you miss the green arrow to turn left, or that you have a 12-page research paper due yesterday, or that there is nothing to eat for dinner except a half-empty bag of Doritos and 1/4 a gallon of milk, or that your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend just posted pictures on facebook of their new significant other, or that the class that you need for your major just got dropped and is no longer being taught "Winter-2011" so that you have to rearrange your entire semester schedule and wait a whole year until you can take it, or that little critters are becoming extinct left and right, or that the mall has every size of the shoe you have been waiting and saving to buy except the one that will fit you...

And none of this bothers you.

That's because today is one of those days. Ya know, those days when you smile harder and walk lighter than you have in ages. Those days that make you feel as young as you really are.

It's been a while since I've had one of those.


Deidre said...

You blog posts always make me smile. Did you study English or are you just really good with words?